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Below are projects that I either started and then dropped before polishing it off or that I created as an alternate version to the one I originally posted/present as the final product. They are here because a few people over the years have requested to see them. Please don't take them as an accurate sample of my work. I repeat, NONE of these are polished off in a way they would have been if I were considering them the final versions.

With that said, if you see any vids that I dropped that you would really like to see finished, drop me an e-mail or tag me and let me know. I'll do my best to finish up any requests I get. Otherwise, I kinda figure these were all dropped for one valid reason or another and won't be picking them up again. Hope they are at least mildly enjoyable ^_^

BUFFY: School Girl

Music: Good Morning Little School Girl by Huey Lewis & the News
An Angel/Buffy video - Angel is a bit of a cradle robber after all ^_^
NOTE: Just a 30 second preview
BUFFY: The First
Music: The First by Tegan and Sara
Created: December 2007
Love Tegan and Sara! When I started this video, it was just a general video about Buffy, but the more I worked on it, the more I wanted to redo it to make it focus more on the slayer line. I was going to redo it to be a little more focused, but then I saw another video to the same song focusing on The First, and was like "oh, duh - a video about The First set to the song The First - why didn't I think of that?" Haha. Anyways, that vid was great, so I basically figured the song had already been done and I stopped working on this project.
NOTE: There are a couple black segments in this - these are placeholders for clips I wanted to find later. There's footage for the entire song, so don't just watch a minute and think that's all I did ^_^
ROSWELL: What About Zan
Created: November 2006
This was going to be an AU video where Zan had never died, but had been captured by the FBI instead. Max and the gang go on a mission to save him.
NOTE: Only 1 minute long - everything after that is scrap.
ROSWELL: Believe In A Better World
Created: March 2007
This was a project started as a "what happened after they left Roswell" video. I dropped it because I didn't have enough clips at the time and I couldn't find a song to tell the story the way I wanted. This vid has the audio without a music track - very rough (you can hear the background noise on the original track that interferes). The story behind the vid was going to be that, over the years, Michael, Maria, Jesse, and Kyle had all been killed. Max slipped into a deep depression and began using drugs. Liz left him because of this and eventually Isabel went off on her own too. Max finally cleans up his act and tries to put what's left of his family back together. This clip posted here would have fit in towards the end of the video. Max is clean & has come to see Isabel (she's working as a doctor ;P) and they have a heart to heart.
ROSWELL: Come Together
Music: Come Together from the Across the Universe Soundtrack
Created: September 2007
A Nasedo video. It was supposed to show the turmoil his presence creates and how, as a destructive force, he brings the Roswell group closer together. "Come together, over me" Get it? Haha
NOTE: This video is only 1:30 min long - the clips after that point are just scrap/black nothingness. So, just think of it as a 1:30 video preview :P
ROSWELL: Queenpin
Music: Testify by Common
Created: April 2007
Summary: I loved the original music video for this song & wanted to do a Roswell adaptation. Blame Liz for never looking evil enough as why this video never got finished. Here is the beginning video intro I did. If you haven't seen the original video, the premise is that a man has being arrested & is standing trial for a crime. His wife is begging for them to let her testify in his defense, but they won't let her. The best part is the surprise ending ^_^
ROSWELL: Ooh  Child (Alternate Abortion Version)
Created: June 2005
Summary: This was the first version I did for this story line. I'd just read an article about how abortion is a subject that is extremely rare to find touched on in television shows, despite the fact that it is "legal" in the US. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that's true - every time there is an unplanned pregnancy, it might get considered, but it is almost NEVER the option followed. I think the article I read said it was only able to find 1 TV show that ever had an abortion on it (I think it was some soap opera), but then the lady who got it got killed right afterwards. Lol - if that's not some sort of message from the TV execs, I don't know what is. Point being, is that I really wanted to try and make this video end with Liz getting an abortion. Ultimately, I did like how the footage worked out, but the audio mixing wasn't going to well. I wasn't sure it was telling the story effectively. So, I switched to the "official" version that I posted previously where she "looses" the baby.
[Find the "official" version here]
Music: I'll Be Okay by Amanda Marshall
Created: May 2004
Summary: This was one of my very first video attempts. I had always planned on redoing it someday, but it doesn't look like I'm going to end up doing that, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it. The video is Liz saying goodbye to Max and moving on with her life. There is a part in the middle with some wedding flashes that I didn't have right when I made the vid, so please excuse that. Also the ending isn't quite done ^_^ Also, I apologize for the poor picture quality. It's only a 2MB vid anyways.
Music: Feel Good Time by Pink
Created: May 2004
Summary:  Just a fun little Roswell video. I really wish I could have redone this video as a little goodbye tribute, but just didn't have the time. It's pretty poor picture quality and the ending isn't done, but... I hope it shows how far I've come since 2004 if nothing else ^_^

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