Enjoy The Ride

Music: Just a Ride by Jem
Created: January 2006
Summary: Another cast video. This one sort of focuses more on who the characters are as individuals, rather than how they relate to one another like in the above video. I started this video because I was a little (ok, a lot) pissed at the shows that are airing today- such melodrama. Firefly was just so perfect: fun, serious, intriguing, heartbreaking, warming and more. Everything a show should be. Thanks Joss- it was a wonderful ride.
Program: Edited in WMM.
Source Material: Firefly series (2002)
20th Century Fox.
Awards Won: Best Seasonal RU (
SA), Best Comedy RU (ER), Best Music (ER), Best Video (ER), Best Seasonal (M8B)


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