Music: El Tango De Roxanne from Moulin Rouge
Size: 17 MB
Created: January 2006
Summary: I love the way this song is! Maybe I should do more vids to the tango ^_^ Adds a lot of drama without any help from me. The video focuses on Mal and Inara- more specifically how he loves her but canít stand her job as a prostitute. His jealousy drives him mad. Iíd say itís an AU vid, but thatís not quite correct. I guess itís a more obvious representation of what was hidden under their relationship since in the show, Mal never REALLY came across as the jealous type.
Program: Edited in WMM.
Source Material: Firefly series (2002)
© 20th Century Fox.
Awards Won: Best Drama RU (
ER), Best Lifetime Movie (M8B)


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