Welcome To The Family

Music: Welcome to the Family by Little Big Town
Created: December 2006
Summary: I thought this song was so funny the first time I heard it and immediately knew I wanted to make a Firefly vid to it for Simon. Poor guy was always getting hassled by everyone. The vid is pretty self explanatory - Simon likes Kaylee but he has to put up with her family if he wants to be with her. It took me awhile to decide on the ending, but I finally did it the way I did because it was really the only time that Simon was treated as a part of the group as a whole. Hope it all turned out ok.
Program: Edited in WMM.
Source Material: Firefly series (2002)
20th Century Fox.
Awards Won: Most Humorous RU (DPTM), Best Storyteller RU (DPTM)


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