Ballroom Blitz

Music: Ballroom Blitz from Waynes World
Created: January 2005
Summary: LOST is my new fav show! I just wanted to watch Emilie DeRaven's main episode to scope out clips for future Roswell vids and I got completely hooked. Emilie is really good in it (not at all like Tess- you know, evil). She has the cutest relationship going on with the guy from Lord of the Rings. So sweet! Anyways, this video is focused mostly on her character's main episode. Basically, she keeps having nightmares that someone is after her baby- and then it turns out someone really is. The episode is filled with flashbacks, so we find out how she got knocked up and dumped and about some psycho psycic who set her up to be on the plane when it crashed. Hope it makes sense for those of you who havent seen the show. If not, at least you get to see Emilie.
Program: Edited in WMM.
Source Material: Lost series (2004)
ABC Studios.
Honors: Hosted at LOSTVIDEO.NET; Awarded LVI Gold Council Pick & LVI Gold Viewer Pick


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