Evanescence - My Tribute

Music: Imaginary by Evanescence
Created: May 2004
Summary: I'm a big Evanescence fan and I love all the videos they've made. My favorite clip is of Amy trying to smile into the mirror after crying her heart out. I have so been there! Trying to put on a happy face when you feel broken on the inside... When you can't even remember how to smile... Anywho, life sucks- whatever. So, in honor of them and the fact that they absolutely rock (saw them in concert and they were just as amazing as they are on screen), I made a video of my own. It's a collaboration of their four videos to another one of their songs called Imaginary. I hope you enjoy it.
Program: Edited in WMM.
Source Material: Evanescence (1995)
Wing-Up Records.


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