Music: Half Jack by Dresden Dolls
Length: 6 min
Created: November 2004
Summary: Fearless started out as a book series about a girl who was born without the gene for fear. So she was never afraid of anything and was somehow super strong (think Buffy). She was trained to kick @$$ when she was little and then her mother was killed and her dad disappeared- ensuring severe emotional problems for the rest of her life. As you can guess, she was feeling pretty upset about her life, so she found a way to deal with the drama- she went looking for bad guys (muggers/rapists/etc.) and then "taught them a lesson" by kicking their @$$. The books were pretty good. Anywho, they made a pilot for the books to become a TV series, much like what happened with Roswell. Only the show never got picked up (as of now)- stupid WB. So, this is a video for the pilot episode. The song used is by another one of my favorite bands. I understand the video isn't really the correct interpretation of the song, but it seemed to kinda fit. Gaia (the fearless chick) has this whole nice, vulnerable side that just wants to be normal- but every once in awhile the butt kicking side of her personality comes out. The song fits that, its soft near the beginning but by the end- I, at least, am doing the whole head banging thing ^_^ Anyways, watch it. Call up the WB and tell them how awesome the show would have been. Go buy the first book- guaranteed, you'll end up buying the rest of the series. I think they are up to book 52 by now :-)
Program: Edited in WMM.
Source Material: Fearless (2004)
Jerry Bruckheimer Television & Warner Bros. Television.


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