Grip it and Rip it

Music: My Goddess by The Exies
Created: August 2010
Summary: Created as a tutorial on how to rip streaming vids of the internet by using VideoCacheView.
Software Downloads:
  - VideoCacheView
  - FLV (VLC) Media Player
Program: Sony Vegas
Source Material: Roswell fanvid called My Goddess created by Rachael Hampton
  1) Open IE
  2) Go to the vid you want to download
  3) Let it play all the way to the end
  4) Open VideoCacheView & give it time to load
  5) Press F5 to refresh
  6) Click "Last Accessed" to sort the files with the last one you watched on top
  7) Select that top link. Right click & "Copy selected file to..."
  8) Save the file where you want it
  9) Go to where you saved the file
  10) Rename it so you can tell what it is
  11) Open the file in VLC player
  12) Enjoy!
Notes: I smell censorship... :P This vid was taken off the first time I uploaded it because the mods were worried it would lead to "bandwidth leakage" (seriously pissed me off because that meant I lost all the description notes I'd typed up for it and have since had to recreate + the program doesn't leech bandwidth!), but it applies to other sites besides Use it on almost any site with streaming vids! I love getting the True Blood extras off of HBO ;) I find it ironic that I moved to because youtube kept taking my stuff down, and now is taking my stuff down & I have to seek refuge at youtube. It's a sad, strange new world.

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