Music: Control by Poe
Created: August 2005
This song just screamed "Tess"- especially where it says she has all of the pawns and bishops in the palm of her hand. I mean, Tess, to me, was one of the strongest female characters on the show. I hated her- but she was strong. She took her destiny into her own hands. She didn't let her life get ruled by Max the way Isabel and Liz did. And she didn't become a slave to the whole boyfriend issue like Maria. She manipulated- she took charge- she ruled! So here is to Tess...
Program: WMM
Source Material: Roswell (Seasons 1-3)
Twentieth Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, & Monarchy Enterprises B.V.
Awards Won:
Best Character RU (WAU), Best Character (HA), Avenue Potters Choice (HA), Best Roswell (RWA), Best Angst (RWA), Sensue's Choice (M8B)


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