Live And Let Die

Music: Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney
December 2009
Maxs story with an AU ending. Shows how he started off all young and innocent, just wanting to live in peace. But with attacks coming at him from all directions, he quickly learned that sometimes you need to fight back. [AU ending:] When his wife, Liz, is killed by agents, he wont stop until he gets his revenge on anyone who ever threatened them harm, be it skins or government.
Sony Vegas & WMM
Tech. Notes:
The first 30 seconds or so are a segment I made over 2 years ago in WMM. Id liked how Id started the project, but for one reason or another never returned to it until now. Its pretty obvious (to me at least) where I switched over to Vegas.
Source Material:
Roswell (Seasons 1-3) (1999 - 2002) Twentieth Century Fox; The Tattooist (2007) Eyeworks Touchdown; Skinwalkers (2006) Red Moon Films; Shooting Livien (2005) Velveteen Films; Senseless (2008) Matador Pictures; D-War (2007) Younggu-Art Movies

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Recommendations (Thx 2 those who pimp me!):
Starrylizard: "OMG! seriously, it's Max as James Bond. It's awesome! ♥" (12/17/09)

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