Stupid Girls

Music: Stupid Girl by P!nk
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February 2006
Yep, I’m picking on the blonds. ^_^ No offense to any of the characters or actors! (Seriously, I love them all, but…) The vid is a Liz POV about how all the superficial, stupid, bimbos are just that- superficial, stupid, bimbos who are only concerned with their looks and being perfect little sex kittens for guys. I really liked the way Liz was portrayed (more in the beginning than later on, unfortunately) as a smart, shy, geeky kinda girl. All the other girls were really aggressive with their looks and flirtations with guys, but Liz got to just be herself. You go girl! ^_^ The video includes mostly clips from Season 1 with a few ‘special projects’ clips thrown in as well as some clips from P!nk’s original video to help express the outrage at how ridiculous everyone is acting.
Program: WMM
Source Material: Roswell (Seasons 1-3)
© Twentieth Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, & Monarchy Enterprises B.V.
Awards Won: Most Creative RU


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