Miles From Where You Are

Music: Set The Fire To The Third Bar by Snow Patrol & Martha Wainwright
Created: November 2009
Summary: A New Moon Edward/Bella video that shows Bella's heartbreak and yearning for Edward. The chorus is the real reason I made the vid - it just screamed Bella in New Moon to me: "I'm miles from where you are. I'll lay down on the cold ground and I'll pray that something picks me up and sets me down in your warm arms." I hope you'll forgive the inconsistent clip quality, but I wanted to make use of a lot of the leaked NM footage, so that meant sacrificing HQ - hopefully the trade off was worth it ;)
Program: Sony Vegas [Special Thanks to newkidfan for her very insightful post about how she made her Blood Makes Noise vid! I used the dharma frame she provided and tested out some of her techniques. My vid is nowhere near the artistic quality of hers - I mean, come on, did you see how many layers she used! - but, it was nice to test out some of her methods.]
Source Material: Twilight (2008) Summit Entertainment, New Moon (2009) Summit Entertainment.


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