Sparkle Time

Music: Mahna Mahna sung by Mahna Mahna
Created: November 2009
Summary: A bit of a vidding experiment. It started as a project to make fun of Kristen's blinking, but transformed into a sort of comic strip. So, basically, Edward hits on Bella, trying to woo her with his... talents & Bella's not impressed. And I sort of end up killing Bella at the end again - sorry twihards ;)
Program: Sony Vegas
Source Material: Twilight (2008) Summit Entertainment
Honors: Featured at (1/7/10) and the new (8/10/10), Achievement in Innovation (The 4th Wall '10) - Review, Best In Show Eternal Love Award (CJA '10), Fandom Faceoff: Round 1 Winner (AVA '10), Fandom Faceoff: Viewer's Choice Award RU (AVA '10). Fandom Faceoff: Fandom Finalist RU (AVA '10)


Recommendations (Thx 2 those who pimp me!):
"BEST VID EVER OMG! *flails* It expertly pokes fun at the story (whilst re-writing it!), is very innovative in its editing AND laugh-out-loud funny. (Song: Mahna Mahna. Oh yes!)" (10/11/10)
Revolutionaryjo: "
I loled. Forever and ever. And I will forever notice Bella's near constant blinking. MANY SPARKLES." (2/7/10)
The 4th Wall: 2 page review by Obsessive24 and Bradcpu here ('10)
Starrylizard: "This here Twilight vid made me giggle snort. For realz!...It's to the Munumana song too, so you know...bonus." (12/1/09)
This fanvid is absolutely hilarious! - It's set to the music from The Muppet Show and has added dialogues like in a comic book. Should I say anything else :) If you are still laughing after watching this one please let the author know that." (12/1/09)

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