Music: My Generation by Eden's Crush and Hesher
Created: November 2005
Summary:  Just a fun little Roswell video I made over Thanksgiving break. It's mostly just a composite of promos, cute Roswell clips, behind the scenes shots, and clips from alternative projects the actors have done.
Program: WMM
Source Material: Roswell (Seasons 1-3)
Twentieth Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, & Monarchy Enterprises B.V.. WB "My Generation" Image Campaign (2001) Warner Brother's Studios. WB "Who Do You Love" Image Campaign (2002) Warner Brother's Studios. WB "The Night is Young" Image Campaign (2000) Warner Brother's Studios. Celeste In The City (2004) Anonymous Content. The Learning Curve (2001) Motion Picture Corp. of America. The Tony Danza Show (2005). Shooting Livien (2005) Velveteen Films. Only You Music Video (2005) Hollywood Records. Darklight (2004) Unified Film Organization. King Kong (2005) Big Primate Pictures. The Foresaken (2001) Sandstorm Films. "Save Yourself" Music Video by Sense Field (2002) Revelation Records & Warner Bros. Records. "I Don't Want to Be" Music Video by Gavin DeGraw (2004) J Records. Lost series (2004) ABC Studios.
Awards Won: Best Editor RU (
M8B), Best Song RU (M8B), Outside the Box (March Theme round CWA), Best Comedy (RWA '06)


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